My Anchor Holds - SOLD

My Anchor Holds - SOLD

by Dan Chen

Have you ever felt that you were in a small boat in the middle of the ocean, being tossed here and there by a great storm?  We all have.  But every boat, regardless of how large or small, has an anchor.  The problem is that the heaving of the waves can cause the anchor to come loose.

Note the size of the anchor in this sculpture (bottom of sculpture) in comparison to the size of the sailboat (at the top).  The anchor is much larger than the boat.  What is your anchor during your stormy times?  If you place your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, then you can be assured that your Anchor will always hold - will hold you in His mighty but loving hands.  Is it time for you to come to your Anchor and acknowledge your need for Him?

But this story is not done!  For there was another boat in another storm of mighty waves two thousand years ago.  There were twelve men in the boat crying out for deliverance from the storm.  Then there was a man walking on these mighty waves towards the boat.  Peter in the boat recognized it was Jesus, and Peter cried out to Him to allow him to walk on the water to his Lord.  Jesus said for him to come walk.  And Peter did!  He walked on the water, and as long as he kept his eyes on his Anchor, he stayed on top regardless of the waves.  But as soon as he took his eyes off of Jesus, he sank.  Jesus saved him from sinking in the water.  

So look again at the sculpture.  The focus is on the big anchor, not on the boat or the crashing waves far away.  Let us keep our eyes on the Anchor and not the storm or the waves in our lives.  Only Jesus will keep us from sinking. Matthew 14:22-33

Media Size Price  
Bronze sculpture 15"x9"x24" $2,800.00

The price is plus shipping and tax depending on location being shipped. No tax for out of Arizona shipping. The shipping cost for this piece cannot be predetermined because it must be custom-packaged. Therefore, this piece must be ordered either by phone or in person at the gallery. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please feel free to contact us at 928-232-0650 or by email at Thank you.

Please allow two to three weeks for delivery. Contact the Gallery directly for quicker delivery options.


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