Poured Out For You

Poured Out For You

by Jeannette Tuscher

This stunning one-of-a-kind stained glass cross, framed in hand-carved wood, contains all of the elements of the Gospel.  In the larger cross, you can see the blood of Christ which is poured out for you, the vine and the branches, and the fruit of the Spirit. Interestingly, both the vertical portion and the horizontal portion of the the cross contain all of these elements.  

Then there is the mirrored inner cross that represents relationships.  Why mirrored? Because we can see ourselved in the cross.  The vertical mirror points to the relationship between God and man.  And Christ said, "Love your God with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength."  The horizontal mirror points to the relationship between man and man.  And Christ said, "And love your neighbor as your self."  None of which is possible without the small cross in the center of the other two crosses - the redemptive power of Jesus crucified, buried and resurrected.  

The artist, Jeannette Tuscher, normally writes verses behind her larger pieces of art.  In this case, she was so overwhelmed by what the Lord had completed through her that she wrote a personal prayer to God on the back.

With her permission, we have copied this prayer below so that all can be blessed by her heart for the Lord:

O Heavenly Father Lord Jesus Christ
Spirit of Truth and everlasting Light.

I fall to my knees as my heart faints
And tears fall down on dusty ground.

Then I look up, behold I see,
My Savior hanging on the tree.

His Blood pours down and covers me,
It was but a moment, and now I see.

I cried "Save me"! I believe in Thee!
Lord Jesus You hold the key.

Now I can stand by His Grace,
In His presence, Face to face.

My sins are forgiven, I am washed clean,
Heir of God's Kingdom, embraced by the King.

As I look in His Eyes so crystal clear.
My Lord Jesus forever, will be near.

Like a mirror His Gaze is fixed on me
And I can walk with Him, safe and free.

Side by side, "His Way" in Truth and Light.
My heart overflows and all that is within me.

Exalted is Your Name Lord Jesus
I am in Love with Thee.


                                                                                                              Jeannette Tuscher

Media Size Price  
Stained Glass Cross 56"x31"x5.25" $2,250.00

The price is plus shipping and tax depending on location being shipped. No tax for out of Arizona shipping. The shipping cost for this piece cannot be predetermined because it must be custom-packaged. Therefore, this piece must be ordered either by phone or in person at the gallery. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please feel free to contact us at 928-232-0650 or by email at adonai@esedona.net Thank you.

Please allow two to three weeks for delivery. Contact the Gallery directly for quicker delivery options.


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