Washed by Living Water

Washed by Living Water

by Jeannette Tuscher

Have you ever had someone else wash your tired and dirty feet?  It feels wonderful, does it not?  Two thousand years ago, the roads and paths were not paved, they were dirt, rock or sand.  Footwear was always open toe sandals if you had them.  Otherwise you walked barefooted.  Sanitation was not "invented" yet. 

When guests came to one's home, the washing of feet was an important first action in greeting, always assigned to the slave or lowest servant.

But at the Last Supper, Jesus washed the feet of the disciples (John 13:1-20).  Imagine their surprise that the master was washing the disciples' feet.  But imagine how wonderful that must have felt to have the Son of God wash their feet.

Imagine being Peter watching Jesus wash the others' feet, all the while moving closer to him.  Seeing his Master behave like a slave must have confused Peter.  He still did not understand Jesus' teaching that to be a leader, a person must be a servant.

Jesus did not wash his disciples' feet just to get them to be nice to each other  His far greater goal was to extend his mission on earth after he was gone  These men were to move into the world serving God, serving each other, and serving all people to whom they took the message of salvation.

This is not a comforable passage for leaders who find it hard to serve those beneath them.  How do you treat those who work under you?  Do you use "Living Water?"

But Jesus is still doing it for us if we allow Him.

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Ceramic Sculpture on Wood Base 10"x12"x11" high $1,800.00

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